Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traveling Visitor's Comments

I was in Oklahoma City visiting my sister during Thanksgiving Holiday weekend and we had lunch at you delightful place on Saturday. I cannot express the joy and delight we had that day. The decor was beautiful and the food was absolutely to die for.

It made our day so enjoyable. We were able to see a tea party for a little girl as they came through the dining area and it was perfect.

I have loved tea parties ever since I was a little girl and I have collected tea sets of every size and shape over the last 20 years, so to say I was so delighted to find your beautiful shop is an understatement.

I am from a very old southern antebellum community in Mississippi and we have nothing here to compare.

I research areas I travel to to find tea parlors to visit and yours has been the most memorable of all.

Thank you for making our girls weekend so special for my sisters and I. I hope to be able to enjoy your shop again on my next visit. Always At Your Service,
Deborrah StevensonSales Manager

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