Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sara Kristel Jack & Jason Lee Hawkins Reception 9.29.2012 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Ceremony at Covenant Presbyterian Church - Ron Fike - Minister

Congratulations!!!! Mrs. Sara and Captain Jason Hawkins

Honor Guard for Arrival of Bride and Groom from the Church to Walnut Creek Chapel

Honor Guard for Arrival of Bride and Groom from the Church to Walnut Creek Chapel

Sara and Jason entering in after their announcement.

Facebook collage of their wedding.

The guests were served Caeasar salad before the buffet was opened up as first course.

The buffet line as seen through the beautiful arrangements.

 A Spot for Tea - Caterer
- Buffet Menu: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ sauce on side,
 New Potato Casserole, Tuscan Vegetable Medley, Rice Pilaf, Seasoned Green Beans,
Waldorf Salad, and Crossiants w/Butter

Sweete Connections did the cakes.
Congratulations to a sweet couple.
From Sara the bride
The staff at Walnut Creek and all of their vendors made our wedding reception one of the best night of our lives. Everything was executed perfectly as planned, and was planned perfectly due to their advice and experience. All of our guests were commenting as to how beautiful and well organized the reception was and how much they enjoyed the evening. A Spot for Tea provided OUTSTANDING food, Sweete Connections's cakes were so moist and flavorful and Chris, with A+ entertainment, read our crowd so well and played music that kept them dancing the whole time. Our limo drivers with Integrity were so flexible and willing to work with us on the timing for our arrival for the Arch of Swords. They couldn't have been more helpful or patient. It was literally a better reception than I could have imagined it being. I am so grateful to Charlotte, Tammy and all of the staff and vendors. They are true professionals and genuinely care about giving the bride her dream day

Lisa Carol Carr & David Edward Scott -Wedding/Reception on 9.29.2012 at Walnut Creek Chapel - David Ramsey - Minister

Mr. & Mrs. David Scott

Lisa Carr for her bridal shot

Lisa and her bridal party

Kissing balls in purple and lime

Flower girl in gloves

 David and Lisa during the ceremony.

The girls carrying Cala Lillies

Facebook collage of the wedding

Appetizers of fruit and veggie cascade before buffet.

A Spot for Tea provided Appetizers and Buffet:
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Honey Glazed Ham, Golden Scalloped Potatoes,
Seasoned Green Beans, Crisp Green Salad w/Ranch and Burgundy Poppyseed Dressings,
Croissants with butter

Beautiful centerpieces with floating candles.

Jumping the broom ceremony.

Gerrilynn Kay Eddinger & Michael James Garcia Wedding/Reception 9/28/2012 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

Mrs. Gerrilynn & Mr. Michael Garcia

Gerrilynn and her bridesmaids.

Michael Garcia and his groomsmen


Gerrilynn Eddinger, Dr. Gene Nease, and Michael Garcia

Facebook collage of their wedding.
 A Spot for Tea - Caterer
Appetizer: Caesar Salad
Menu: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Honey Glazed Ham,
New Potato Casserole, Buttered Corn, Waldorf Salad and Crossiants with butter 

Sweete Connections designed the bridal cake.
 Toast from Kara (sister of Bride) Good Evening! For those of you who don't know me, I am Kara, the very proud little sister of the beautiful bride. I want to start by congratulating the bride and groom, and thanking all of you for coming here tonight for Gerri and Michael's special day. Gerri, I want you to know how beautiful you look today, and to tell you that this has truly been a special day for me. Thank you for giving true meaning to the word sister and sharing the 23 years with me. As children, you taught me everything I needed to know about basketball and just life in general. We always manage to keep each other laughing. You have been the best big sister a girl could ask for. I never knew Michael before he started dating my sister so, I can't tell you any horrible stories about him but, I can tell you that I think he is perfect for my sister. He and his son Lucas are everything my family and have wanted for Gerri. We are happy to welcome Michael and Lucas into our family. Separately you two are special, remarkable people, but together you are complete. As you sit side by side through this roller coaster of life, remember to scream from peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops and enjoy every twist and turn. My wish for you guys are that you have a continued loving friendship and partnership; that you enjoy success and laughter; that you are blessed with more children; and always see and talk with your heart. I love you both and wish you nothing but the best. If either of you ever need anything don't ever hesitate to call, I will always be here!

Michael & Gerri

Vendors: David Briscoe - Ceremony Musician, Integrity Limo - Brad Johnson, Susan Taunton - Cakes, A Spot for Tea - Appetizer and Buffet Menu, Susie Lopez - Bar Service, Sweetheart Linens - Lavender Organza Sashes- Angelique Zachrey, Ideas In Ice - Ice Sculpture Punch Bown. Outside Venders: Visuality Photography - Judy Dawson, Flower Power- Florist

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alison Weis & Joshua Prater Wedding/Reception 9.22.2012 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Dr. Gene Nease - Pastor at WCC

Mr. & Mrs. Josh Prater

Ceremony in the glass chapel

Guest book table with purple accents.

Engagement pictures and toss bouquet

Pew bows and flower arrangements in the chapel

Flower bouquets

Alison taking pictures in the gardens.
 Connie Weis - Mother of the Bride - Handmade all the Sage Green Napkins

M&M's on bistro tables for guests

Flower girl in the gardens.

Groomsmen walking on waterfall pathway

Alison and her bridesmaids

Hors D'oeuvres Station before the buffet was opened
A Spot for Tea provided catering
  • Buffet Menu: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast
  • Honey Glazed Ham
  • Golden Scalloped Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Italian Pasta Salad
  • Crisp Green Salad
  • Crossiants and Butter

Sue Mecozzie - provided the wonderful handmade "Dessert" Table

Cake table with flower arrangements and special lighting.

Couple's first dance

Collage of wedding on facebook