Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review on Project Wedding

Review posted on Project Wedding

We were happy with the catering service and menu options that A Spot For Tea provided us with for our wedding. This was the catering company that the Walnut Creek Chapel works with exclusively, so it was really great that we liked the staff of A Spot For Tea. The quality and time that Tammy and her staff put into preparing the food and presentation was amazing, and it was obvious that they care about what they do. The menu was good, we had a good selection of appetziers and entrees, and we got to taste everything during one of the tasting sessions before we made our selection. On the day of the reception the food was perfect, and I really loved having a fresh fruit station!

Wedding Bells

Wedding season is here and
this past weekend we catered these seven weddings:

May 15th, 6:30pm - Rachal Anderson Wedding
Coles Garden (Princess)
May 15th, 7:00pm - Jennifer Helms Wedding
Coles Garden (Royal)
May 16th, 6:30pm - Stacie Burke Wedding
Coles Garden (Princess)
May 16th, 7:30pm - Courtney Wallis Wedding
Coles Garden (Royal)
May 16th, 7:30pm - Erin Fischer Wedding
Walnut Creek Chapel
May 17th, 4:00pm - Krystal Bessey
Walnut Creek Chapel
May 17th, 5:00pm - Dayna Arteaga
Coles Garden (Royal)
I was able to take pictures at two of the weddings on Saturday night at Coles Garden.

Stacie Burke Wedding

Courtney Wallis Wedding

Congratulations to all the couples.

Thank you for choosing A Spot For Tea to cater your special event. Thanks to all the staff at Walnut Creek Chapel and Coles Garden who tirelessly give their all to make it a wedding to remember.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Passion For Tea

Passion for Tea by Beverly Rorem.
Helping others discover a passion for tea.
Beverly Rorem came and did a reading from her book today for Dolores Heer's Annual Friendship tea in the Queen's Room.

- "Why is tea so miraculous? Is it comfort hot tea provides on a cold day and iced tea gives on a sweltering day in summer? Is it the calmness in its ritualistic preparation, or its taste, or the stimulation it invokes while soothing body and soul? Is it because of the congeniality it creates in all aspects of society and all cultures? Is it the miracle because, although it has been around for nearly five thousand years, it is still the second-most popular drink in the world, after water? Or is tea miraculous because of its accessibility and its health benefits? - Tea is miraculous for all these reasons, and drinking tea is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself."
Excerpt from Passion For Tea by Beverly Rorem

Talking about tea and sharing tea.

Beverly sharing her thoughts on tea.
Her book will be on sale at the tearoom for $18.99.
You can also visit her website for more information.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Heart Story by Lynda Merchant

Maggie June Western's first tea party
I received this email yesterday and wanted to share it on our blog with permission from Lynda.
Heart Story by Lynda Merchant
"First let me say Thank You for all you and your staff do to make my family and friends always feel so special every time we have our tea time whether it is our monthly tea or special occasion tea time.

This year was especially wonderful because I had my mom, sister, niece, new daughter and first grand child, (see attached pic of Maggie June Western). We had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the great food, relaxing tea and of course the inspiring music. I knew earlier in the week that I wasn't going to get to see my son and his family (Shawn and Lindsey are adjusting to having (2) families and dividing their time with the new baby). I was feeling really sad, but because of the special Mother's Day Tea on Saturday I was filled with joy because I had my family and friends to share the day with.

I even experienced Shawn show what a wonderful husband and father God is molding him to be. Lindsey had called him and asked for the baby sling, instead he brought the baby swing. It was so funny because Shawn only had his motorcycle and "God Bless Him" he tied the swing to the bike and delivered it to A Spot For Tea for his wife and baby. It was so funny. What a wonderful memory to have at my favorite place.

I had the perfect Mother's Day. God bless you all at A Spot For Tea."

Lynda Merchant is a very good customer of A Spot For Tea and we just love her. Thanks Lynda for sharing Maggie's first tea party with us. We're glad we were a part of your first (grandmother's) Mother's Day with Maggie.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lollipop Tree Scone Mix

Warm scones, fresh from the oven, spread with butter and homemade jam, are one of life's simple pleasures. These buttery scones, accented with fruit and nuts and topped with a sprinkling of raw sugar, are delicious served for breakfast, brunch or an improptu tea party.

All natural scone mixes are now available at A Spot For Tea with no preservatives and trans fat free. They come in the following flavors: Apricot Cranberry, Oatmeal Maple Pecan, Lemon Poppy Seed, Traditional Cream, Blueberry Ginger, Chocolate Hazelnut, & Raspberry White Chocolate.
They retail at $7.99 but are 25% off through 5/31/09.

Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Symphony Show House

My mom and I have been having a mother/daughter date for over 20 years to the Decorator's Show Home. We love it because we get to dream about possibility and support the Philharmonic.
This is the 36th Symphony Show House in historic Heritage Hills.

Tour guide and resource for decorators.

This was my favorite room...the outdoor space called Poolside Paradise.

Alfresco dining and iced tea on the veranda.

It would be a great way to destress after the tearoom...don't you think?

It was a peaceful and relaxing environment.

I could see myself on the chaise lounge listening to the falling water.

My mom and I by the fountain at the front steps.

Heritage Hills is so beautiful with magnolia trees, azalea bushes and large shade gardens.
My mom and I had some wonderful girl time....being together and sharing the day
and then off to our next favorite place Full Circle Book Store.
I love you Mom!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Celebration

Celebrating with my mom at the Biltmore Hotel Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday.
Letting someone else wait on us....aahh!
My mom Charlotte and our three boys Blake, Ben & Brock.

I love my mom....she's the best.
They had three weddings yesterday at Coles Garden ...we were both tired
from all of the events on Saturday.
Ice Sculpture and fountain on buffet table.

Classical guitar providing live music.

Another fountain on the buffet table.

Eric, Brock and my dad...thanks guys for taking us out for lunch.

The precious teapot card that Brock gave me first thing when we woke up.

Its these things that mean the most to me.
My family also bought me a rose bush for my garden.
Being with the ones you love and spending time together.
My parents and my kids and husband are the best..
I love you always and forever!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Our son Brock Seibert passing out carnations for us.

Brock and Julie Clifford (Julie played the piano for us..... just wonderful!)

Rubes party (Table #10) 11:ooam
Armstrong party (Table #9) 11:00am

Grantham party (Table #6) 11:00am

Shackelford party (Table #4) 11:00am

Vail party (Table #3) 11:00am

Glidewell party (Table #2) 11:00am

Jacks party (Table #1) 11:00am

Nicholas party (Table #7) 11:00am

Williams party (Table #4) 11:00am

Patton party (Table #8) 11:00am

Roberts party (Table #14) 11:00am

Hartman party (Table #14) 11:00am

Whittington party (Table #13)

Gardner party (Table #12) 11:00am

Ensey party (Table #11) 11:00am

White party (Table #10) 11:00am

Khatib party (Table #16) 11:00am

Gable party (Table #22) 11:00am

Vanosprand party (Table #23) 11:00am

Jackson party (Table #24) 11:00am

Brown party (Table #25) 11:00am

Hurtt party (Table #21) 11:00am

Simmons party (Table #17) 11:00am

McMinimy party (Table #18) 11:00am

Singleton party (Table #20) 11:00am

Hooper party (Table #26) 11:00am

Hamel party (Table #27) 11:00am

Barefoot Contessa at the Hamel party table.

Beautiful smiles from the Shackelford party.

Thurmond Party (Table #10) 1:30pm

Another angle of the Thurmond party...

Keyser party (Table #9) 1:30pm

King Party (Table #1) 1:30pm

Wilson party (Table #2) 1:30pm

Goodman party (Table #4) 1:30pm

Another Angle of the Goodman party...looking great!

Martinez party (Table #6) 1:30pm

Pierce Party (Table #7) 1:30pm

Wittacre Party (Table #8) 1:30pm

Looking at the Rider party of 21 people. (Table #19, #20 & #21) 1:30pm

Davis party (Table #26) 1:30pm

Gonyea party (Table #25) 1:30pm

Sanchez Party (Table #22) 1:30pm

Roberts Party (Table #23) 1:30pm

Clark Party (Table #24) 1:30pm

Benson Party (Table #16) 1:30pm

Coats Party (Table #17) 1:30pm

Harper Party (Table #10) 1:30pm

Gore Party (Table #11) 1:30pm

Blanchard Party (Table #13) 1:30pm

Merchant Party (Table #14) 1:30pm

Killman Party (Table #15) 1:30pm

Rider Party all on the stairs after the tea.
A big thank you to everyone who came to our
Mother's Day Tea.
"Tea and conversation are natural allies.
We are quiet. We listen more intently.
The pace of life slows and we contemplate beautiful things
and savor the company of those who gather with us."
- Bruce Richardson, The Tea Table