Friday, May 15, 2009

Heart Story by Lynda Merchant

Maggie June Western's first tea party
I received this email yesterday and wanted to share it on our blog with permission from Lynda.
Heart Story by Lynda Merchant
"First let me say Thank You for all you and your staff do to make my family and friends always feel so special every time we have our tea time whether it is our monthly tea or special occasion tea time.

This year was especially wonderful because I had my mom, sister, niece, new daughter and first grand child, (see attached pic of Maggie June Western). We had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the great food, relaxing tea and of course the inspiring music. I knew earlier in the week that I wasn't going to get to see my son and his family (Shawn and Lindsey are adjusting to having (2) families and dividing their time with the new baby). I was feeling really sad, but because of the special Mother's Day Tea on Saturday I was filled with joy because I had my family and friends to share the day with.

I even experienced Shawn show what a wonderful husband and father God is molding him to be. Lindsey had called him and asked for the baby sling, instead he brought the baby swing. It was so funny because Shawn only had his motorcycle and "God Bless Him" he tied the swing to the bike and delivered it to A Spot For Tea for his wife and baby. It was so funny. What a wonderful memory to have at my favorite place.

I had the perfect Mother's Day. God bless you all at A Spot For Tea."

Lynda Merchant is a very good customer of A Spot For Tea and we just love her. Thanks Lynda for sharing Maggie's first tea party with us. We're glad we were a part of your first (grandmother's) Mother's Day with Maggie.

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