Saturday, May 16, 2009

Passion For Tea

Passion for Tea by Beverly Rorem.
Helping others discover a passion for tea.
Beverly Rorem came and did a reading from her book today for Dolores Heer's Annual Friendship tea in the Queen's Room.

- "Why is tea so miraculous? Is it comfort hot tea provides on a cold day and iced tea gives on a sweltering day in summer? Is it the calmness in its ritualistic preparation, or its taste, or the stimulation it invokes while soothing body and soul? Is it because of the congeniality it creates in all aspects of society and all cultures? Is it the miracle because, although it has been around for nearly five thousand years, it is still the second-most popular drink in the world, after water? Or is tea miraculous because of its accessibility and its health benefits? - Tea is miraculous for all these reasons, and drinking tea is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself."
Excerpt from Passion For Tea by Beverly Rorem

Talking about tea and sharing tea.

Beverly sharing her thoughts on tea.
Her book will be on sale at the tearoom for $18.99.
You can also visit her website for more information.

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