Monday, October 31, 2011

Visiting Tea Leafs in New York

While I was in Williamsville, New York I visited a new tea shop that has as its tag line "not your average tea store".

Meet the owner, Syd Hoffman, who I found very helpful and knowledgeable. She even had certificates from the World Tea Expo on her wall. She boasts over 165 varieties of loose leaf tea from around the world. Every tea is personally tasted before it is brought in her store with new samples being tasted each week. She provides the best, freshest and highest quality of tea available.

I bought Pumpkin Chai, Tiramisu Marscapone, & Roasted Almond Herbal. Which I shared with my family in New York and they loved the Pumpkin Chai. It's always fun to try new places and I would recommend Tea Leafs as a great source for loose leaf tea.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Nutty Cheese Bars

Autumn Nutty Cheese Bars

1 package Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Recipe Golden Cake Mix
3/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
3/4 cup butter or margarine, melted

2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease (Pam spray) 13x9x2 inch dish
2. For Base, combine cake mix, 3/4 cup pecans and melted butter in large bowl. Stir until well blended. Press mixture into bottom of pan.
3. For Topping, combine cream cheese and brown sugar in medium bowl. Stir with spoon until well mixed. Spread evenly over base. Sprinkle with 3/4 cup pecans.
4. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until edges are browned and cheese topping is set. Cool Completely. Cut into 2 1/4 x 2-inch bars. Refrigerate leftovers if you have any.

Delicious for fall.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn in New York Part 3

So on Eric's 50th birthday, October 23, 2011, we all journeyed out to his favorite place on earth. Arcade, New York. I've written posts before about how much our family loves Eric's parent's summer place. It's about an hour outside of Buffalo, New York. So after church we drove out and the fall foliage was beautiful!

Perfect skies, crisp air and beautiful fall colors everywhere. I was listening to music on my Ipod (Melody Gardot) and just taking in the scenery.

Once we got there Benjamin was the first to the water with his fishing pole.

I love this picture with the sun poking through the trees.

This is the summer cottage where my boys have had their own private camp each year. They have been here every year since they were born. There are bunk beds, and around the house are picnic tables and a place for bon fires where we have roasted many marshmallows for smores. There is also a natural fed spring that feeds into the pond.

Golden leaves turning and getting ready for winter.

Seibert family on the dock.

One more beside the canoe and the paddle boat for fishing.

Mom and I took a walk up in the meadow.

Eric and Michael were walking around the pond.

Mom was clearing off Tasha's grave. Sarah and Eric's dog that loved to roam in the meadow.

I was trying to take it all in.....

Once in a while you have a moment...and this was serene...Eric's mom walking on the path. We can't take any moment for granted.

The day was closing and one more picture back looking at the cottage across the water.

Look how clear the water is....reflections in the pond of the trees.

The boys walking back rakes in tow.

Eric and Benjamin in the paddle boat.

Benjamin and Michael.

Goodbye Arcade until next summer....Happy Birthday love!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn in New York Part 2

To fully understand this story I have to take you back in time to the Summer of 1994. Eric and I took Eric's parents on a dream vacation to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Eric's heritage is that his mother's family still lives in Austria and we have relatives there.

Eric's maternal grandfather was born in this village of Fischamend, Austria.

Eric's maternal grandmother was born in the village of Stinatz, Austria.

This is us visiting family the day we went to Stinatz. We had flown into Switzerland and visited Insbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and now to the birthplace of Eric's grandmother.

I tell you all of this because we went to three different homes in one day and everyone was feeding us and giving us beverages. I told Eric it was the fullest day of my life. The Austrian way is to show love and hospitality through food. Eric's parents are sitting directly across from him.

Now to the present day....this is Aunt Cindy dressed up in Austrian wear. She kept calling herself the Gibly girl (is that correct?). This is one of Eric's moms keepsakes.

She was getting us all in the mood for what lay ahead.

This is an old fashioned German restaurant (Scharf's) in Buffalo, New York. When we started talking about where to celebrate Eric's 50th birthday I wanted to go some place non-conventional. No chain restaurants. I wanted our boys to experience some of the German tradition. This restaurant has been in this ethinic community and sits at the end of a street in a neighborhood. Very authentic.

Scharf's menu and we were celebrating Octoberfest also.

So all the family gathered together to help celebrate Eric's 50th birthday.

Lots of decision as to what to order....Weiner Schnitzel. Saur Kraut, Spetzle, German potato pancakes....yum!

Benjamin, Blake and Brock

Eric's nephew Michael and his girlfriend Courtney.

The gang...Happy Birthday Eric!

Celebrating with birthday cake and song later.

The boys helping blow out the candle with dad.

Tim and Cindy

Paul, Gretchen and Courtney

Eric and me

Eric opening presents

Go Bills....Go Sabres...thanks Paul and Gretchen.

Cindy did a card with Eric's baby picture on the cute!

Sarah and Susan

Erin (we love her - Matthew's fiance), Matthew, Eric (named after my Eric) and Tim

Courtney and Michael

Thank you everyone for helping me make it a very special occasion. Thank you mom and dad for treating us at Scharf's. The German food was perfect and delicious and it was great to have family time together.

More to come tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn in New York Part 1

Fall Break for the Seiberts in Western New York at the pumpkin patch!

After flying in on Wednesday to Buffalo we enjoyed cooler temps and beautiful fall color.

I know its SCARY...Blake and Brock carving out their pumpkins!
Knives in hand and mom is still breathing....

3 Boys, 3 B's, 3 jack-0-lanterns!
Welcoming visitors to Foxpoint Drive!

Dressed up getting ready to go play some golf with Uncle Tim.
Nanni and the four guys on the front porch!

While the guys are playing golf Aunt Cindy took me to Lewiston antiquing! And you know how much I enjoy shopping on a cool fall day. The town is so charming!

This picture is in front of the Country Doctor Antique shop.
My favorite thing browsing for special finds.

Everything was decorated for of my favorite times of the year.
It was sweater weather for sure.

More antiques in the basement....

Lewiston Opera Hall

Picket fences, witches on bikes and mums...picturesque!

Quaint cafe...and skeletons to greet!

I love old buildings and history! Corn husks welcome you at the front door.

Dicamillo Bakery....I bought some Amaretto Biscotti...yum!

Lots of goodies in the case..... Cindy and I enjoyed a Pumpkin Latte!

The gazebo where they have jazz festivals in the summer.

An old Victorian house with painted shutters.

They saved some leaves for me...not everything had fallen.

Beautiful flowers and colors....

Looking across the river to Canada.

Freedom Crossing Monument where the slaves crossed over to Canada.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy with the boys.

Not only did Tim treat for golfing at Niagara Falls Country Club but we went to dinner that evening. Thanks guys for spoiling us.

Tim and the boys eating.

Brock having lots of hot wings....when in Buffalo...what else?

More to come tomorrow!