Monday, October 31, 2011

Visiting Tea Leafs in New York

While I was in Williamsville, New York I visited a new tea shop that has as its tag line "not your average tea store".

Meet the owner, Syd Hoffman, who I found very helpful and knowledgeable. She even had certificates from the World Tea Expo on her wall. She boasts over 165 varieties of loose leaf tea from around the world. Every tea is personally tasted before it is brought in her store with new samples being tasted each week. She provides the best, freshest and highest quality of tea available.

I bought Pumpkin Chai, Tiramisu Marscapone, & Roasted Almond Herbal. Which I shared with my family in New York and they loved the Pumpkin Chai. It's always fun to try new places and I would recommend Tea Leafs as a great source for loose leaf tea.

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