Thursday, October 6, 2011

What is on Your List?

In her book Feeling At Home, Alexandra Stoddard talks about how powerful it can be when you make a list of the ten symbols that define who you are and when you stay true to those things. I had to have eleven symbols because I couldn't delete one.

  • Love - daily kisses, touch and chaos from my family

  • Water - the color of turquoise, pools glimmering in the sunlight, lakes, oceans

  • Tea - mornings and afternoons

  • Spirituality - Journaling and Joy

  • Nature - gardens, flowers, trees - taking long walks

  • Romance - candlelight, driving in a convertible, chocolate, mystery

  • Music that stirs me - I play piano and clarinet and sing but I love every genre

  • Books - my ultimate weakness and inspiration, reading

  • Family photos - memories, blogging

  • Succulent and Delicious food - trying new recipes - dining alfresco

  • Creativity - everyday I need to create something on some level, painting, writing, blogging!

What is on your list?

This above all. To thine own self be true!

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