Friday, October 5, 2012

Francis Tuttle Training Mixer w/Drums Event at Walnut Creek Chapel on 9.13./2012

Walnut Creek was so excited to host the Francis Tuttle Training Mixer w/Drums. Thank You for choosing us to have your evening meeting. We want to Thank Michelle Keylon, LaMecia Stidham and Heather Willis from Francis Tuttle for coordinating the event.

 Evening Menu:

 Mini Croissant Sandwiches, Chicken Caesar Wraps, Tortilla Cream Cheese Wraps, Stuffed Mushrooms, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Fruit w/dip and Cheese & Crackers, Vegetable Platter w/Ranch Dip and Cupcakes for dessert

Cupcakes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Team building sessions and group drumming.

Francis Tuttle staff members and teachers at the session.

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