Monday, December 20, 2010

A Spot For Tea Family

All the Gang wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2010
We have the best staff in the world....thanks everyone for all of your hard work.

Keep a clear eye toward life's end.
Do not forget your purpose and
destiny as God's creature. What
your are in His sight is what
you are and nothing more.
Remember that when you leave
this earth, you can take nothing
you have received...but only
what you have given; a full
heart enriched by honest service,
love, sacrifice and courage.
- Francis of Assisi

I received this from Heather Still who is pictured in the front row in black and plaid vest.

Tammy, Man do I love you! You have been in my life since I was 6 years old. (She had a tea party with me when she was a little girl) I better stop before I start crying but I love you ALOT! I will miss you. Love, Heather

Thanks, Heather I love you too. Thanks for helping me with the Rose Cottage.

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