Friday, December 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye One Day At A Time

Christmas Party at Walnut Creek Chapel

Walnut Creek Chapel
PC Child Nutrition Event
December 2, 2010

Its early morning on December 3rd. I was at the tearoom until 8:30pm last night. We had a Christmas party for the PC Child Nutrition Team at Walnut Creek. I literally stood at the register all day trying to help Miss Jamie with the line. So many of you have been so kind to offer hugs and support during this time of our transition. It always does my heart good when the tearoom is full and overflowing. It must have something to do with being a Preacher's know my dad use to say the same thing about a full sanctuary. I can remember after church on the way home he would always go through in his mind the folks he didn't see there and would comment about missing them. I have found myself doing the same thing as I am saying goodbye to each one of my wonderful customers.

I got two more emails yesterday that I wanted to share that made my day.

"I am really sorry to see that you are closing, my two highschool friends & I meet there once in a while to have lunch. In fact we were in there jst today. We had the Chicken, Artichoke Casserole and it was super delicious. Can I get the recipe? If you ever decide to open another Tea Room, I'll be back. " - Loyce Ann Peard

"I plan on bringing my granddaughters one more time before you close. We have enjoyed your tea room for our tea parties for 10 years. The girls always dress up and wear my vintage hats. It has been a wonderful family tradition. I have gone to other tea rooms but none can compare to yours "- Pam Oliver

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