Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye For Now

These postcards went out last week to over 4000 of our customers.

Today I got an email from a lady living in Kansas.

"So very sorry to hear the tea room is closing--I live in Kansas City and we have nothing like A Spot For Tea here so it has been a pleasure to visit each time I am in Oklahoma City to see my aunt. We are both hoping you will reconsider and reopen at a later date. We will miss our wonderful times there--Good luck in your future plans--Terry Clapper & Alice McCann

Yesterday, I got many phone calls and one in particular from for Honorable Mayor Tardibono who spoke so many kind and encouraging words to me about how much A Spot For Tea has blessed the city and brought alot of joy to other people's lives.

From now until the end of December I am going to be blogging each day about the journey and how grateful I am for all the years since 1996 and the many wonderful friends I have made because of our shared love of tea. Thank you for making these years successful and for all your kind words of appreciation for A Spot For Tea.

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Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Thinking of you...knowing how hard this is. I pray that you will be encouraged daily by your tea friends!