Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Memories 2009 Part 3

So finally on Monday afternoon it started to snow and we decided to head down to Ellicottville, New York to ski at Holiday Valley.

We got a room at the new Tamarak Club. It newly opened two weeks ago.

The drive that should normally take 1 hour ended up taking 2 hours and 15 minutes. Yes, finally folks we have SNOW in New York.

After we got checked in we went in town for dinner. Ellicottville reminds me of Aspen, Colorado. It was just like a Currier and Ives postcard.

The boys were so happy to see snow, throw snowballs and stand on the mounds of snow.

We walked around downtown with twinkling Christmas lights...just beautiful....Benjamin is trying to eat the snow.

As we walked by one restaurant a dog was outside waiting while his owner had dinner. Brock couldn't resist saying hello.

Brock amid the snowflakes.

We had pizza and Beef on Weck....perfect to end the day.

We had dinner at a place called Balloons...

Back to Holiday 8:30 they had night skiing. The runs were lit up and shining bright.

Eric woke us up bright and early (6:00am) and we went back in town to a little old-fashioned diner that only accepts cash for breakfast.

They have a town square with a gazebo and Christmas tree.

Old Victorian homes with Gingerbread trim...I could definitely live here.

The sun was rising and this church was setting like white icing against the sky.

So we got the boys hooked up for ski school, their boots fitted and skis ready to go.

This is called the Magic Carpet takes kids up to go down the bunny slopes to learn skiing. Eric is helping Benjamin and Brock.

Brock's first time down the bunny slope.

It was so cold... 11 degrees to be exact.

Eric and I are skiing a blue run and that is the view back to the resort.

The sun came out and we had so much fun skiing while the boys took their lessons.
My husband is an excellent skier...He skis Black Diamonds but he loves me enough to ski blue and green runs.

Ben's first run down the bunny slope.

Eric and Blake after Blake took his first chair lift ride and down his first green run.

My husband still skis in jeans. One of the girls at the lift asked him how he skis in jeans.
I said because he never falls. Seeing Eric ski is just about as much fun as seeing him ice-skate.
It is pure beauty to watch this man at winter sports.
Tammy, Benjamin and Eric waiting at the chair lift.

Blake, Brock and cousin Eric

Michael, Eric, Benjamin and myself (still cold) but loving the sunshine.

Eric's niece Sarah (doesn't she have a pretty smile) waiting warmly at the lodge.

Brock, Uncle Tim and Benjamin on chair lift

Blake and Eric on chair lift

Brock flying down the mountain

Benjamin showing great form

Uncle Tim, Brock and Benjamin

Blake skiing downhill

Eric looking great

The gang...I think Michael and Eric have gone off to ski some harder runs.

The view from the lodge

Sarah, Michael and Eric snacking at the lodge

Brock, Benjamin and myself. This was easier in my twenties.
Eric enjoying every moment with his family in New York.

Aunt Cindy, Aunt Gretchen and Sarah came and provided nourishment and support for the tired and weary. Thanks girls for everything.
The sun is going down

The lights are coming on for night skiing

It is snowing again.

And so we say goodbye. What a wonderful Christmas it has been.


Geebee said...

Beautiful photos and memories of a great time! Thanks for sharing. We LOVED having you here!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Loved the photos...I am so glad your family takes time to have fun! Now, the skies...well, I think I would have to watch from the lodge...I am too afraid I might hurt myself! ha... Way to go Tammy!

Donna (IA)