Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Memories 2009 Part 2

While Oklahoma was having the Holiday Blizzard 2009 we had traveled many miles to Buffalo, New York (where you expect lots of snow). We arrived at Eric's parents house Christmas Eve. It was raining outside. No snow only rain. I can' believe it. I just knew we would have a white Christmas. We're hearing reports that Oklahoma is getting a record breaking 14 inches of snow. I need to send an editorial to our newspaper about Buffalo's bad rap of SNOW. Where's the SNOW?

I wanted the boys to go to their first Midnight Mass at the Catholic Church where Eric grew up. I wanted it to be put away in their memory banks. The boys all dressed up in their Sunday best and we went to church with Eric's mom, sisters Gretchen and Susan.
Eric's mom said it meant so much to her that we were able to all go together. It was a wonderful experience for the boys. They had an orchestra in the balcony and there is something so beautiful about going to church at midnight to celebrate our Savior's birth.

Benjamin asked questions about the incense and the Father did a talk about the gift and the giver. You can't separate the two. We were also encouraged to take a piece of straw from the manger to remember that Christ came in the simplicity of a baby.

As we were leaving I took a picture of the stained glass windows of the church. It was so quiet and peaceful as we left the church in the dark in anticipation of Christmas morning.

The great surprise...Santa brought the boys and XBox 360. What was the great surprise? Eric and I had told the boys to not expect many presents this year since we were going skiing. (more on our ski trip next post). Their faces were in awe. Don't you love surprises? I think good surprises that are totally unexpected are the best kind. Its kind of like God's unconditional love for us. We don't deserve it and yet we get this wonderful gift. That's what Christmas is all about whether or not you've been naughty or nice.... waking up to the unexpected.

Benjamin, Blake, Brock and mom in our pajamas.

The boys and this picture. Its what family is all about.

Coffee Cake with Winter's Dream tea (delicious).

Brock was so excited because he bought at school presents for everyone. He got his dad a tool kit with tape measurer. What every guy needs. Real smart for a seven year old.

The boys with grandma (Nanni)...Helene.

These are my favorite gifts. We have an ornament tree in our kitchen with all the boys homemade ornaments. Aren't they the best. Brock also got me a wreath hanger and a care package of Snowman Soup (Hot chocolate).

The boys opening one of their presents from Eric's parents.

The boys and their Grandpa Seibert.

Eric with his parents

The boys with Uncle Tim

Add in their cousin Michael

Eric and his sisters Gretchen and Cindy

The boys opening more gifts from aunts and uncles.

I love this present from Gretchen...good wool socks to go skiing in.

Aunt Cindy and Brock

The boys and their cousins Eric and Sarah

Gretchen and Matthew (mom and son)

My guys

Me and my main guy

Gretchen and Susan (sisters)

Sarah and Susan (mom and daughter)

The day after Christmas we were going to go skiing but it was still raining. I can't believe it. So change of plans and off to watch Eric's nephew Eric play hockey. He's a freshman that made Varsity. It was great to go support him and the team.

He's number #18

More fans Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tim and Brock

Hockey fans unite

They won...shaking hands

On to Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy's for Wings and Pizza

And french fries...Aunt Cindy knows how to make Brock smile.

Family in front of the tree

We hadn't been to Buffalo for Christmas since 2005 because of the tearoom. It's hard to take enough time to go but we decided you may not have tomorrow better love the people you have today.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy are Sabre fans

The next day was filled to the brim. We came to Michael's college graduation party at Gretchen's. Cookie platters...yum.
Congratulations Mike...we're so proud of you.

Uncle Eric, Michael and Aunt Cindy.
You did it.

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