Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkins, Costumes & Parties

Eric's mom bought the boys pumpkins before she left town.
So here are their finished Jack O Lanterns.
Blake digging out the seeds of his pumpkin.
Benjamin saving the seeds to bake.

Brock (careful) with that knife. SCARY!

Linday & John's house ready and decorated for Kristen's 30th Birthday Party
At dusk...October 30, 2009
The Seibert family dressed up and waiting for Kristen's surpise.

Chef John preparing appetizers.

Kristen and her mom Candy (we've been friends with Candy since Kristen was born).

Kristen with the Seibert clan.

Fall festive decorations.

Lindy dressed up as a Mummy (she's due with Zane in January).

Girfriends posing in costume.

Tammy, Sherry, Ann & Kristen.

October 31, 2009
Behind the scenes at A Spot For Tea. Eric and Melinda dressed up for fun.

Eric (hippie dude) and Brock (Michael Jackson).

Makayla's 10th birthday party in the Rose Cottage.

Makayla and her mom.

All her guests surrounding Makayla.

Picture after the Fashion Show.

Blake, Ben and Brock about to go into our Highpointe's (our church) Fall Festival.
You can visit our pastor's blog right here.

Loads of good fun in the gym.

Blake taking a ride on the spinner.

Brock (aka Michael Jackson) waiting in line.

Close up of Michael Jackson. You should see him dance.

Tammy and Benjamin at the face painting table.

My mom and dad and Benjamin.

Eric pulling the trailer for the hay ride.
Thanks Walnut Creek Chapel for loaning us the tractor and trailer.

Sitting on bales of hay..perfect fall evening.

Tammy doing face painting.

Smiley face art work.

"God wants us to be present
where we are. He invites us to
see and to hear what is around
us and, through it all, to discern
the footprints of the Holy."
- Richard J. Foster

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Geebee said...

Oh my gosh! You all look so cute in those costumes! Eric -- I hardly recognized you but you made me laugh so hard! Thanks for the great photos!