Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthdays & Babyshowers

Emma Lane - 6th Birthday
Saturday, November 14th - 11:00am

Emma and her mom Laura

Emma and her guests

Kenedy Wells - 5th Birthday
Saturday, November 14th - 1:30pm

Kenedy and her mom Amy

Kenedy and her guests

Della Synder getting ready to host a party in the Queen's Room

Angie Jones hosted a baby shower for Jennifer
November 14th - 2:00pm
Red Room
Guests at Jennifer's baby shower

Enjoying food and festivities

Baby shower for Jennifer

Erma Reeves - 90th birthday
November 14th, 2:00pm
Queen's Room
Guests at Erma's birthday party

Guests enjoying the party

more guests

Guests in hats.

This is how I feel about A Spot For Tea:
If we can just give God the little
that we have, we can trust
Him to make it go around.
- Gloria Gather

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