Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthdays, Bowling & Tea?

Route 66 Bowling

Tea Lady picks out pink bowling ball...yeehee!

Benjamin ready to make a strike.

Good form...on Eric's approach.

Brock...ready to rock his frame!

Helene (Eric's mom) she's in a league all her own.

Ed (Eric's dad) bowled the high 186...not bad for 82 years young.

This is Ed's STRIKE!

Tammy and her PINK Bowling ball!
I had the low score...imagine that?

Blake intensely....going after KING Pin.

Seibert boys....between strikes!

Our three sons!

Birthday cake for Eric....celebrating with family!

New TV for the kitchen at A Spot For Tea.
Happy Birthday darling.
With all the catering....a guy's got to have a little game action and cable.

Behind the A Spot For Tea.
During an OU game if you hear a lot of hooping and hollering coming
from the kitchen...for the guys in my life.....thanks for all you do.
Happy Birthday, Eric! I couldn't make it without you.
Proverbs 12:2 "A good man obtains favor from the Lord."


Geebee said...

Great to see everyone enjoying the bowling and your birthday, Eric! Loved the captions under the shots of everyone, too. You all look terrific! Sending our love from Buffalo to all of you.

Geebee said...

A new TV??? Great! Now you can catch the Bills and Sabres while you cook. Hahaha! Happy Birthday!
Love, Gretchen