Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As The Teacup Turns

Esther's Orange Marmalade Cake

Book Club members discussing book and trying out cake.

Jason and Ashlie on the way to the hospital.

Brooke Shutrum's dress up tea party.

Brooke and guest (isn't her hat just perfect for her?)

Queen's Tea sharing Light Afternoon Tea.

Sitting in the front on the fireplace sharing a quiet moment.

Bridal Shower celebrating happy moments in the Queen's Room.

Mr. Pho Restaurant and teapot fountain.

Jasmine Tea to end my day!

Kristen's surprise party with John, Lindy & Annette.

Brock learning to use chopsticks.

As The Teacup Turns
(an ode to Saturday, October 25th)

A day in the life of a tearoom owner
always exciting to see
never the same old thing
what's new around the corner for me.

Starting at eleven o'clock book club meeting
discussing A New Song by Jan Karon
tasting Esther Bolick's Orange Marmalade Cake
sharing our answers to discussion questions.

Read aloud the passage
with our special dish in mind
May God bless our time together
always something revealing to find
between the pages.

A little after twelve o'clock
there was a knock on the door
to say Ashlie's water had broken
we all acted as if it had never happened before.
(reminding me of the last scene in Steel Magnolias)

Then on to hosting a tea party at 1:30 for Brooke
invitations sent our for fashion show and tea
eight guest all dressed up with hats and gloves
another wonderful afternoon making memories.

Queen's Room, Main dining room and Afternoon Tea
Bridal showers and those wanting to relax and share a moment
customers bustling in from Affair of The Heart
being refilled and spending special times with friends.

Eric and Autumn cater two weddings at 6:00 and 7:30pm
at Walnut Creek and Coles Garden
Surprise birthday party for Kristen a new adventure
Jasmine tea to bring the day to an end.
(Mackenzie Grace was born at 9:45pm)

2 Samuel 22:30 "With your help I can advance against a troop
with my God I can scale a wall."


Ashlie said...

Mackenzie and mommy are now home and enjoying our time together. I hadn't planned on leaving quite the way it happened on Saturday, but thanks to all the staff I had a lot of caring people around me taking care of everything. Thank you to all the staff (especially Tammy & Eric) for giving me the opportunity to spend this time at home getting to know my beautiful new daughter. I love you all like family.
As the teacup turns is a phrase we have used many a times in the day to day happenings at A Spot For Tea. This really does give everyone a look at how crazy it can be behind the scenes at the relaxing tearoom. Thanks again to everyone for caring so much about me and my family.

D Wright said...

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