Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last Mango In Paris

A Cup of our "Last Mango in Paris" seasonal tea with the guide to tea in Paris.

Famous landmarks of Paris!

Mariage Freres tea pot, strainer and tea.

Mariage Freres Teapot and label.

Our seasonal tea is Last Mango in Paris a fruit and herb tea with a fantastic flavor of Micronesian mangos. Fruity, lively and bright. Start a new love affair with our summer selection. We sell 2 ounce loose leaf tea bags of our seasonal tea for $5.99 each.
I visited Paris in the summer of 1984 when I was about to turn 21, still in college; with three girlfriends on a whirlwind tour of Europe in 10 days. The City of Lights had me in awe with outdoor markets, daily menus chalked on outside cafes and sight seeing to famous locations like the Louvre, Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower. Tea salons in Paris have some of the most complete tea menus to be found anywhere.
We sell "Tea In The City Paris" by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson at A Spot For Tea for $18.95 each. Its a tea lover's guide to sipping and shopping in the city. It is a splendid resource for tea rooms, tea shops, tea lounges, tea salons, hotel teas, cafe teas and museum teas.

Mariage Freres offers the best of world teas in an environment that is intelligent, informative, and classy. The service is impeccable, customers are respected, and one senses an extreme dedication to all things tea. One of the oldest tea salons in Paris with more that 500 teas from all over the world. So whether you are planning a trip to Paris or just dreaming about someday visiting this famous city, come in and try a cup of tea and be transported at least for an afternoon. Bon Appetit!
Psalm 77:5 "I thought about the former days, the years of long ago."

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