Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be An Original

An original teacup picture hanging in the tearoom hallway by owner, Tammy Seibert

"Bringing people joy in a teacup" is our mission at A Spot For Tea.

Instead of being unique, have you noticed that people are becoming uniquely the same. Whether it's a cell phone ring or a huge, gas guzzling SUV, the latest fashion trend, current slang, greatest bling and more individuals in their quest to be an original, are in fact, a carbon copy of someone else. They look the same, act the same and talk the same. What many of us don't understand is that it's only when we cultivate our own personality and be our own person that we are able to move from being just another face in the crowd. That quirky trait, your love of hats, whatever sets you apart and makes you stand out. Barbra Steisand's nose as an example...if she would have had a nose job her singing voice would have changed and we would have missed out on one of the most powerful voices in our generation.

Being original, being unique, is all about being yourself. And it doesn't require a great deal of skill or money. It only requires a true commitment... to make your own path, chart your own course, be an individual. Many people may try to copy you or imitate you but they can't BE YOU! No one else can walk in or fill your shoes. God made you and threw away the pattern when He got finished designing YOU! There can never be another person ever with your personality or looks. You are one-of-a kind.

Understand that the stuff you own doesn't make you stand out. When everyone around you is struggling to pay for their stuff, and you're not, that's when you really stand out. Some people think that status and the right address will get you where you need to be. If you know the right people it will open the right doors. I've had many tell me its not what you know...its who you know. When you actually leave your job to pursue a dream, instead of merely talking about it and staying where you are out of fear thats being an original.

Realize that sometimes, many times, the group is wrong. Like my mother always said to me "If so and so is jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?" It takes great courage to be true to your values, hopes and dreams. Being authentic isn't just about speaking your truth - it's also about becoming the person you were meant to be in this life. Too many amongst us would rather be seduced by the illusion of security than take some risks to get to their personal mountaintops. And so their lives stay small.

Nothing worse than getting to the end of you life and realizing you lived your neighbor's life. Don't keep up with the Jones'...whoever they are. Sing your own song. Enjoy your passions (mine just happens to be tea, teaparties, art, writing).
It doesn't matter if others laugh....You'll be YOU!

Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

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