Monday, October 26, 2009

Look A Like?

Melanie Scott Thomas is Nikki on the Young and The Restless

My mom Charlotte Nease and myself

I've had a half a dozen customers over the years at A Spot For Tea say I look like Nikki on the Young and the Restless. The first time it happened I laughed it off but after about the sixth time you think there might be something to it. I think she is beautiful so there are a lot of worse people I could be compared too. I think its the nose and the cheekbones and maybe the hair color. I always laugh when they tell me that and say well I'm chubbier than her. Of course, they say she has gained some weight over the years. I don't watch the soap opera but I find it amusing.

The person I think I most look like is my mom. She's my hero. Eric says my mom and I are more like sisters with each passing year. She is 22 years older than I am. I had Blake at 32 years of age so she was a very young mom. I think she is beautiful inside and out. She is incredibly strong and resilient.

Who do you look like? Do you think everyone has a twin? Interesting thoughts for a Monday.

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