Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break with the Seiberts

Water Taxi's give you narrated canal cruises in Bricktown Oklahoma City.

We had a beautiful fall day...seventy degrees.
The boys decided to climb the Land Run Sculptures.

Blake, Benjamin and Brock on the canal.

Eric and his mom, Helene Seibert.

Three boys on the water taxi.

Our downtown canal was built in 1999.

Its a fun way to see downtown Oklahoma City.

Brock and Tammy seeing the sights.

The whole family exploring OKC in the boat.

Looking back towards The Brick (OKC's ballpark).

Painted murals of downtown.

Bricktown Breeze was the name of our boat.

Eric's mom and dad have been visiting from Buffalo, New York.

Someone said the weather in Buffalo is thirty one degrees today.
But the boys were happy that the Buffalo Bills won in overtime.

Farmer's Market.

Big pumpkins

Beautiful fall mums.

Don't you just love fall - ya'll?

Off to have dinner at another OKC landmark - Cattlemen's Cafe.

Yes, it is still one of the largest cattle auctions in the USA.
They were lined up in the street with their pickup and trailers and cows.
I love Oklahoma.
Stockyards City established in 1910.

Boasting the world's largest cattle market.
Eat more beef.

Ed, Helene & Eric.

Brock, Blake, Benjamin and Tammy

Food Network airs tonight (October 19th) from Cattlemen's Cafe..tune in.
Back at home celebrating Eric's's really on October 23rd but
we celebrated early with Eric's parents.

My mom and dad came over for cake and a visit.
Eric and I are very fortunate to have both our parents alive and well.
It's truly a legacy for our three boys.
Eric's parents are 81 and 83 and have been married 59 years.
My parents are 72 and 68 and have been married 52 years.
"Have I ever told you you're my hero?
You're everything I would like to be.
I can climb higher than an eagle.
You are the wind beneath my wings."
_ Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar.


bunnyhead said...

So nice to see everyone ! I appreciate your blog, being so far away in Buffalo.

We get to see you guys !!!
Miss you. :)
"Heads will Roll"

Geebee said...

Great photos! Loved seeing Mom and Dad enjoying their visit. We miss you very much! Thanks so much for a glimpse of OKC.