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What Is A Scone Anyway?

Declicious Pecan Scones

Heart Shaped Pecan Scone

What is a Scone Anyway?

A scone is a cross between a biscuit and a piece of cake. They are a perfect accompaniment to teatime. Light, moist and buttery mouthfuls, cones are typically served with Devonshire cream, lemon curd and jam.

When I trained with Magnolia & Ivy, Kay and Teresa taught me how to make scones Southern style with self-rising flour and cut with a biscuit cutter. English scones are much larger and sometimes triangular in shape. Scones can be rolled, shaped, or dropped.

The story is that Victoria Magazine sponsored a First Ladies Tea Party at the Four Seasons Hotel in November 1996 and Rosalyn Carter asked Magnolia & Ivy to submit their scone recipe. If it is good enough for the former first lady then we carry on the tradition of Southern scones at A Spot For Tea.

Having been born in Covington, Geogia while my father attended seminary at Emory University in Atlanta. I'm a true Georgia Peach and very fond of Southern baking. One of my earliest memories is my mom and Willie Margaret, a dear friend of our family, rolling our biscuits for breakfast in the morning. It only seems right to make scones the Southern way in honor of my heritage!

Scone baking tips: Make sure your oven is very hot, if not they will spread instead of rise! Place close together on the baking sheet. Us only shiny cookie sheets. Dark ones burn the bottoms. Story in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Reheat wrapped in aluminum foil at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes. They do freeze well, but they never last that long!

Excerpt taken from Tea Time Scrumptious cookbook

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