Friday, August 28, 2009

Back To School Tradition

Kathy & Erica Burwell April 27, 2003
Erica was turning eight years old.
Kathy & Erica Burwell August 2009
Mother/Daughter Lunch
We have a back-to-school tradition at A Spot For Tea
Moms and daughters come and have lunch or Queen's Tea
before starting back to school.
Kathy and Erica have been making this tradition since she had
her eighth birthday tea party with us in 2003.
It is such a treat for me to see these girls grow into ladies.
It is like I turn around and they are all grown up.
Thanks for letting me be apart of your lives.

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Kathy Burwell said...

Thank you so much. We love coming there especially when we get to see you. You really make every visit feel like we are coming home. Thank you so much for allowing us to have a wonderful place to make memories and traditions. I'm sure Erica and I will keep this tradition even after she is out of school.

Kathy Burwell