Thursday, April 23, 2009

OKC Festival of the Arts

OKC Festival of the Arts
Yum...Strawberry Newburg.

Benjamin eating giant turkey leg....

Blake, Brock, Benjamin & Eric trying out different foods in the food court.

Our friend David Canavesio from our church had a booth....and he was painting.

He does beautiful was a nice surprise for the boys to watch him paint.

Blake, Benjamin, Brock & Tammy looking at art.

Perfect bliss...laying in the green grass.

Eric & Tammy hanging out.

My boys taking it all in.

Downtown OKC in spring....perfect evening!

The children were having fun with string art sculpture.
Eric's favorite part...listening to live music.

We strolled through the gardens and watched the ducks.

We listened to the Rexal Rangers...on stage.

Sunset by the botanical gardens.

It ends at 9:00pm and we are wrapping up a wonderful time.

Part of living a romantic, creative life is allowing yourself permission to play.
Doing something that simply delights you...I love going to the Arts Festival.
What we love is nutritious for us.
Children learn at a prodigious rate.
If you see a child learning, you see that he will move from interest to interest, hungrily grazing among multiple appetites: blocks, crayons,Legos, this way and that, experimenting. We need to be more like children and just enjoy.

Jerusalem Is Walking In This World
By Julia Cameron

This is a great happiness.
The air is silk.
There is milk in the looks
That comes from strangers.
I could not be happier
If I were bread and you could eat me.
Joy is dangereous.
It fills me with secrets.
"Yes" hisses in my veins.
The pains I take to hide myself
Are sheer as glass.
Surely this will pass,
The wind like kisses,
The music in the soup,
The group of trees,
Laughing as I say their names.

It is all hosannah.
It is all prayer.
Jerusalem is walking in the world.
Jerusalem is walking in the world.

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