Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 Memories

Eric and the boys (Eric's nephew Michael visiting for the weekend)

Easter baskets filled with eggs stuffed with candy.

We had Easter at my cousin Valerie's house in Ft. Worth, Texas.

My dad's family is big and lots of cousins for the egg hunt.

This is Madeleine holding her sweet pink basket.

All the kids lined up with their finds.

Opening was hidden in some.

$10.00 was the big find....Brock found it.

Brock and Cache looking through their eggs.

Girls all smiles...cute.

Brock riding "Shorty"...a Texas kind of Easter day.
"He is not here, but has risen! Luke 24:6

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bunnyhead said...

Love the pictures.....Happy Easter ! I hope nobody ate the BunnyHeads. :(