Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ashley Rae Whitaker and Aaron Beyer's Wedding & Reception at Walnut Creek Wedding Chapel on May 7, 2011 Ray Griffin - Minister

A Photo of Ashley Whitaker & Aaron Beyer Photographer

Carolyn Whitaker - Mother of the Bride
A Photo of the Bridal Portrait - Photographer Carolyn Whitaker

Buffet provided by "A Spot for Tea" - Owners Tammy and Eric Seibert 405-720-2765 Combination of Chicken Caesar Wraps, Chicken Salad Wraps, Tortilla Cream Cheese Wraps, Fruit Dip, Fruit, Cheese and Assorted Crackers, Parmesan Chicken Bites w/Marinara, Tortellini Alfredo, Eggs Rolls w/Sauce

Fresh fruit on green stands.

Bride's Cake provided by "SWEETE CONNECTION"

Cafe Evoke provided a full service coffee and espresso, tea, and sipping chocolates - (405)-606-2200

The Couple both work in the Film Industry in California. Great presentation by "Sweete Connection" - Susan Taunton - owner

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