Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Saturday evening after we finished catering a wedding we headed south for a little R & R Hilton Hotel on Galveston Island, Texas across from the beach....aaahhh!
Brock and Benjamin hitting the waves
Eric and Blake (father son bonding time)

The boys threw baseball and frisbee
fun in the sun...

looking down the beach

Brock building a sandcastle and digging for shells

Eric taking a moment in the shade

the pool at the hotel
the view from our balcony overlooking pool and ocean

Schlitterbahn Water Park 2010

Voted #1 waterpark by travel channel

Seibert family had a blast...Eric loved the rapids

donuts anyone?

Gaido's Seafood Restuarant...I ate here 20 years ago...still cooking.

Our food was delicious...we all got seafood platters and crab.

brotherly love...

the boys loving the comfy terry cloth robes

Historic downtown Galveston

Chocolate covered apples...yum!

Old Galveston Square

We visited an old fashioned candy store

Red phone booth with all the B's

Painted Victorian ladies

Doesn't it make you smile? Happy colors...

White picket fence and Gingerbread favorite.

Rainforest Cafe

Brock loved the gorillas

Wild place to eat

Can you say VOLCANO?

Family time....happy time.

Benjamin, mom and Brock in the pool

Can you say cute?

Can you say almost 15?

Sand castles on the beach

Eric and Blake walking at sunset

Looking for seashells

Eric taking a moment....



Sunset...looking back towards our hotel

Farewell Galveston. I love the beach at sunset!


Geebee said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation photos with us! Such handsome boys (men!). Miss you all and sending lots of love!

bunnyhead said...

Love your pictures--Tammy, you do such a nice job---it almost feels like we were there. The boys & you, sooooo cute. Eric sporting the "fu-Man-Chu--Jim Rome look" !!!