Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Return Visit

In February I wrote about my ten year anniversary doing dress up tea parties.
During the red room event on Saturday, Kristen came and found me and said there was a lady looking for me who had a tea party with me years ago.
My first tea party girl is now 24 years old and is an aspiring artist and teacher.
Brittany Atterbury is all grown up and looking beautiful.
She gave me her business card which I am sharing with all of you if you need someone for murals, or face painting or art teacher.
Its so fun for the party girls to come back in....its always exciting to see where they are now.

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Donna and Miss Spenser said...

How special this is!! I was trying to remember the actual date of our first tea party event - it was catered, somehow I cannot recall...However, I DO recall my nerves and anxious heart...it all went fine and those guests even come to our "own" place now! Donna