Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tea Time Ladies

A Spot For Tea Menu: February 2004

"In February of 2004 - 4 ladies got together at A Spot For Tea to dress up and take pictures for our husbands for Valentine's Day. Our husbands loved them."
- Becky Dunn

Tea Time Lady, Becky Dunn and Owner, Tammy Seibert
September 2, 2009

Tea Time Ladies having lunch in the Green Room.
September 2, 2009

"We had so much fun that day in 2004! We decided to invite other ladies and decided
to call our group Tea Time Ladies. Over the last 5 years we have grown and grown. We
have had as many as 40."
- Becky Dunn
"We usually have a poem or some special thought of the day and
sometimes a song. We come from many different churches
and we are always inviting new ladies.
The fellowship is always so sweet as we share pictures and stories.
We laugh alot."
- Becky Dunn

"And of course, tea can be a celebration in itself
- an act of appreciation
for the little everyday wonders
that make up the texture of our lives.
Every teatime is a sort of celebration
- of the world around us, of each other,
of simply being alive."
- Emilie Barnes If Teacups Could Talk

Thanks Tea Time Ladies for always making A Spot For Tea your destination for celebration.

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