Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Dinner 2009 Memories

Happy Valentine's Dinner
Wait staff: Charlotte, Della, Kristen, Ann & Diana

Owner's son, Blake Seibert mixing muffin batter and helping in the kitchen.

Julie Clifford playing beautiful music.

Hostess Hannah all smiles at the front greeting customers.

Valentine menus and place cards.

Owner Eric Seibert slicing the beef tenderloin.

Dessert trays getting ready to be assembled.

Yum...stuffed beef tenderloin.

The Stumps couple

Bradley father and daughters

The Adams couple

Customers in the Queen's Room

The Riffey Party

The McMinimy party
Red Hearts on the Valentine tree

Waitress Britani smiling pretty

Waitress Christina ready to pour some tea.

Owner Tammy Seibert talking to Lepak couple.

Dessert trays ready to go out to customers.

Valentine Poem on dessert tray.

The Duhme couple

Boiled jumbo shrimp on bed of lettuce with cocktail sauce.

Council Road Baptist church Sunday School class in red room.

More Council Road Pictures.

Council Road Baptist girls.

Couples enjoying their time together.

All smiles...

Council Road Baptist couple.

Council Road Baptist couple.

Poindexter party

The Talley couple

The Stoldt couple

The Merchant couple

The Williamson party

The Burkholder couple

The Dawson couple

The Long couple

The Walker couple

The Jones couple

Waitress Kristen Keyser bringing out salads.

Valentine tree.

The Sherrard couple

The Kirk couple

The Rubes couple

The Lawson couple

The Nolan party

The Tippett couple

The Hyde couple

We received this beautiful thank you note the next day from one of our sweet customers:

Tammy and staff,

Thank you for all that you provide to those who enter your doors! You not only provide wonderful tea and tastefully prepared food, but a feeling of warmth and caring. I have enjoyed eating at A Spot For Tea many times, but recently my retirement party was held there along with my very good firend, Shirley. We couldn't have been more pleased with the location chosen for our retirement party. The setting was magnificent, well organized, wonderful food, and a time of enjoyment to celebrate our special day. Thank you.

Last evening, some friends invited us to join them for your Valentine dinner - what a delight! My friend called me as my husband and I were visiting in Georgia a couple of weeks ago and invited us for this special night - I am so thrilled that we had another opportunity to enjoy your hospitality and wonderful food for yet another special event. What a perfect setting for a Valentine evening!!!! The music provided that extra touch that added to the ambiance of the evening.

Thank you for providing a lovely, quiet, wholesome environment where friends and family can gather to enjoy the company of one another while feasting on the beautifully prepared and mouth-watering dishes provided from your culinary staff.

Yes, Tammy, you were right - the desserts last evening were scrumdilicious!!!

Frances Baker

Happy Valentine Memories for all who attended and if you didn't get a chance to come make plans for next year!
Hebrews 10: 24-25 "Let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works; not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together."

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