Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100th Blog - What is a Tearoom?

More party pics from Saturday's February 7, 2009 events...........
(bridal showers, baby showers, 13th birthdays and Red Hatter's birthdays)

I thought it would be only fitting on my 100th blog to share the story -
What is a Tearoom?

There are the occasional restuarants where one is rushed in, has a waitress eager to take down the order, then are rushed their food and given their check before they have been finished halfway through.

A teashop is a comfort not a restaurant. It is only truly enjoyed by friends, and many friends are made there.

Teashops entice you to sit leisurely, as that is their main goal and purpose. You are not there to eat or even to drink tea. You are there to relax and appreciate being blessed enough to drink tea whenever you want. Teashops are lost arts of human relationships. They carry with them enough charm and goodwill that people are easily tricked into being their very realist and barest inside thier walls. Babies are cooed over; departures are dreaded or celebrated; losses are comforted; bad days are eased with warm smiles and tea; and the world at large is fiercely contemplated.

A tearoom requires certain grace from people. It is a calm place where the kitchen is as approachable as any of the rooms there and there are no hidden surprises in any room. The teashop is a home not an establishement. Teashops are not cute, they are elegant and comfortable and welcoming. People who frequent them always know the owners, the employees, and the cooks, and usually pictures of family and friends are nearby. What you hear in tearooms more than anything is laughter, sometimes tears, and the occasional call to a stressed friend to smile.

A tearoom is where many families have been raised and taught the sustaining art of a welcoming drink or satisfying edibles - side dishes or the real main course - which is friendship. If a place does not have any of these things or lacs in one or two, then it is not a tearoom. There are no exceptions to the rule. Tearooms expect respect of people, but they also deliver respect to the human soul and self esteem. They ground us in what is important. They give us a safe hideaway from a tauting world. They lend us their ears and their time. They give us an anchor to come back to. A lot of people feel that they find God in a church, but I have always felt that a tearoom would do just as well.

By: Kaylee Burns

Ecclesiastes 5:3 "For a dream comes with much business and painful effort"
"Nothing in life is easy but after the effort
it is so rewarding to see your dreams come true
and other people sharing in its rewards."
- Tammy Seibert

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