Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tea Radio Interview

Lady Dawnya Sasse

Tea Radio is new and enjoyable listening. This is one of the latest, hottest tea news mediums. We met the official sponsor of Tea Radio, Lady Dawnya Sasse at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. Her presence and individuality was made known because she was wearing beautiful hats on the expo floor.

Sponsored by Start A Tea Business, Tea Radio is unique, fun to listen to and a great tea resource. What better way to get to know people more indepth? If you haven't met a tea business owner face to face, but would love to learn a little more about them, chances are Lady Dawnya will interview them on Tea Radio.

At Tea Radio, guests share their own personal tea journeys. Lady Dawnya asks questions like: What is your personal tea story? Your tea dream? What made you start your tea business? What inspires you? What challenges have you faced? How do you celebrate your love for tea? These questions and their answers help inspire new tea business owners and help current business owners by sharing common interests and needs.

Listen to the Tea Radio's 2007 interview with Tammy Seibert, owner of A Spot For Tea. Click

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