Thursday, August 5, 2021

Grand Lake Vacation July 4-July 7, 2021

Grand Lake Summer 2021 Vacation
July 4-7, 2021

Tammy with her feet up on the deck 

Langley Cabin

Duck Creek watching fireworks across the lake with family

Fireworks across the lake

The gang is all here:  Blake and Madi, Ben and Ranim,
Brock and Kaylin, Dave and Montana, Legend, Ellis and Onanlee
Mimi and Papa, Eric and Tammy

Day 2:  Pontooning and Tubing all day
Blake and Madi

Kaylin and Brock

Ben and Ranim

Eric driving the Pontoon with Dave in the background with his boat.

Jennings boat with all the fun of summer

Montana and Onalee

Montana, Onalee, Ellis and Tammy

Eric perched on the boat

Kids using the tube for a slide into the water

Hanging out

Ranim kicked back and relaxed

Ben, Ellis and Ranim

Madi and Ellis

Dave and Montana

Girl time

Ranim, Onalee, Madi, Ellis and Kaylin

Legend, Ellis and Brock

Montana and Tammy time

Madi and Ellis

Seibert clan

Team Seibert with their girls

Dave driving the boat

I love you and hang loose

Ben and Ranim

Papa fishing on the dock at sunset

Corn hole tournament

Cornhole fun

Ben and Dave

Brock and Ranim

Hottub off deck

The view is beautiful

Smores and fire at night

Day 2:  Sunrise

Ellis and Ben

Guys go golfing at Shangri la
ERic, Blake, Papa and Ben

Blake, Ben and Eric

Girls going over to Little Blue State Park in the convertible

Dave, Ellis, Onalee and Legend

Sitting on a log at Little Blue

Legend and Dave

Brock and Kaylin

Brock down on the water's edge

Brock and Kaylin on the deck

Girl power

Jennings family

Popsicles and hot tubbing

Ellis and Onalee

Montana and Madi

Tuesday game night

Day 3:  We have to say goodbye
but we wish it could last forever

Dave, Brock, Blake, Legend, Ben and Eric

Kaylin, Madi, Tammy, Montana, Ellis and Onalee

Goodbye until next time.


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