Friday, May 20, 2016

Cierra Nease 2016 Yukon High School Graduation Party on Sat Evening 5.14.16 - Greg and Misty Nease - Hosting Parents and Gene and Charlotte Nease -Grandparents

 Facebook pics provided by Tammy Seibert
2016 Yukon High School Sr
Graduation Party at Walnut Creek Chapel
Hosted by Misty and Greg Nease (Parents of Cierra)

Charlotte and Gene Nease (Grand Parents)
Sherry and Mark Pruitt (Grand Parent)
Diane and Ed Steiner (Grand Parent)
 Graduation Pics from Misty Nease
 Bralyn Hill and Cierra Nease
at the Dessert Table
 Misty made Chocolate GRAD HATS!!!!
 Dianne, Cierra and Ed (grandparents)

 Riley, Jenniffer, Cierra and Francesca

 Sherry and Cierra and Mark (grandparents)

 Cierra with brothers, Tate, Tanner and Cache
 Family picture with dad, Greg, and mom, Misty and Tate, Tanner, Cierra and Cache
 Aunt Janice and Cierra
 Cierra and Annie
 Papa and Mimi and Cierra

 Dusza Family with Cierra
 Jenniffer in the gardens
 Papa and Mimi
 Sherry and Gene
 Tammy and Gene
 Tanner and Brock going through the buffet line
 Misty made Cierra a graduation book that is priceless
 Mimi, Cierra and Papa
 Dessert Table
 Cap and Gown pictures
 2016 Graduation Cap
 Memory Table with pictures of Cierra growing up

 Awards and National Honor Society

 Ben, Brock and Blake
 Greg and Misty and guest
 Looking at memory table
 Cierra and Bralyn
 Ed and Dianne and Cierra
 Guest enjoying buffet

Francesca & Riley

2016 Grad Party
for # 1 Grandchild
Cierra Nease

from Pa Pa and MIMI 

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