Friday, October 30, 2015

52nd Birthday Trip to Talimena Scenic Drive Oklahoma

 Talimena Scenic Drive
I had always wanted to take this 54 mile scenic drive.
 Monday, September 28, 2015
Eric and I set off on an adventure and road trip.
 We put the top down on the convertible and hit the drive at sunset.

 Convertible selfie

 Sun peaking through the trees.
  Southeast Oklahoma has some beautiful scenery.

 We even spotted a black bear along the drive.

 Sunset and pink and lavender sky.

 Instagram shot I took #talimenadrive #discoveroklahoma
 Having quiet and coffee time out on the deck watching the sun rise in the morning.
Its a great start to my birthday.

 We stayed in the Lover's Leap Cabin at 
 We took off on Tuesday and went to Beaver's Bend State Park

 Broken Bow Lake

 Lunch at the Blue Rooster.

 Hiking down to the Eagle Creek.

 The gentle quiet of the morning is what I love most.  Silence has a gift in it's stillness, the willingness to amplify the immeasurable things.  The whisper of the breeze, the rustling of a squirrel, bird, or deer, the caw of crows.  Good for the soul #eaglecreekescape
 Big Foot sightings abound here.

 Big Foot Crossing.
Facebook collage of our wonderful time together.
We needed the R&R.

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