Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walnut Creek Chapel Complimentary Food Tasting provided by A Spot for Tea for Platinum Pkg- Tammy & Chef Eric Seibert - WCChapel Caterers

 A Spot for Tea - Caterer- Tammy Seibert and Chef Eric Seibert provide a Complimentary Food Tasting
for the Platinum pkg. You make a reservation
and bring 4 people after booking with Walnut Creek Chapel.
To select your menu for the Platinum Pkg
 Mom and Daughter (Twila King) during the tasting
 Twila King (Bride) Daniel Smith (Groom) w/Family
 Crystal Hacker (Bride) and Stephen Taliaferro (Groom) w/Family
 Sydney Sever (Bride) and Kelly Hickman (Groom) with Family  
 Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer
Platinum pkg Families select their cake design and flavors with
a time to meet with Susan Taunton during the Cake Tasting for Platinum Packages at the Complimentary Food Tasting Menu Selection.

Silver pkg families will also meet with Cake designer earlier that day for their cake selections
and flavors.

A Spot for Tea
and Sweete Connection
for providing this lovely service for
Walnut Creek Chapel Brides/Grooms
 Tammy and Eric Seibert
A Spot for Tea 
Sweete Connection
Susan Taunton - Cake Designer

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