Saturday, June 13, 2015

Katherine Oustecky & Christopher Heimbach- Walnut Creek Chapel Butterfly Wedding/Reception - 5.29.2015 - Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister

 Capturing a Special Moment
Katherine Oustecky and Chris Heimbach
Mr. and Mrs. Heimbach
 Chris and the girls in the gardens
 Katherine and her Maid of Honor in the gardens

 Katherine with Chris's daughters
 Katherine and Chris 5-29-15
 Dr Gene Nease officiating the ceremony
 Flowers in the silver tulip vases
 Sand Ceremony
 Every Love Story is Beautiful
 Guest sign hearts
 Mr & Mrs Heimbach exiting the chapel
 Signing the license

 In the gardens first look before the ceremony

 Buffet Table - Menu:
Italian Herb Chicken Breast
Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ sauce on side
Golden Scalloped Potatoes
Italian Pasta Salad
Egg Rolls with Sweet Sauce
A Spot for Tea - WCChapel Caterers
Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert
 Salad served as first course
Place Cards

 Cake Table
 Bridal cake Sweete Connections
 Champagne and Strawberries
 Mr & Mrs Cocktail Napkins
 Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl - Ideas In Ice
Love is Sweet Party Favors
Facebook collage by Tammy

Best Wishes and Congratulations
Venders: Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister/Owner, David Briscoe - Musician, Integrity - Limo- Brad Johnson - Owner/Driver, Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A Spot for Tea - Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert, Owner, Judy Moninger - WCChapel Coordinator/Owner, Charlotte Nease WCChapel Blogger, Ideas in Ice - 4x4 ice sculpture punch bowl wih blue flowers, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox, Owner/DJ, Conventions and More - Floor Length Black/Black Stripe Tablecloths, Susie Lopez - Bar Service, Jenn Walsh - Bartender, Other venders: Erin O'Brian- Photographer, Ann's Flowers (Yukon), Accommodations - Hilton Garden Inn - Quail Springs - Francellies Otero - Sales Mananger - - 405-241-3780

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