Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seibert Family Vacation August 2014 in New York

 Sunset on Instagram the first morning in New York
 Eric's first grand-niece Hannah Baldauf
 Arcade Railroad
 Arcade Attica Steam Engine
 Travel Coach
 Seibert Lane - Arcade, New York
 Brock fishing on the dock

 Eric's favorite place in the canoe at his parent's summer home

 Summer cottage
 Benjamin in the boat
 Blake and Benjamin

 Benjamin killed the snake
 The 3 B's Blake, Benjamin and Brock
 The boys in the canoe

 Instagram - in the canoe

 Brock in the paddle boat
 Blake doing a sommersault
 My favorite guys - Instagram in the pool
 Eric in the canoe
 Geneseo - visiting Eric's niece - Sarah
 The front doors of the place where Sarah will confirm

 Taste of Buffalo with food trucks and family and friends
 Eric and his sister Cindy and Dave

Facebook collage of Seibert Lane!
Good memories and good times.

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