Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marcy Conner & Dion DiOssi Wedding/Reception 2/16/2013 at Walnut Creek Chapel - Todd Collins - Minister and Bride's Uncle

 Mr. & Mrs. Dion DiOssi
 Purple flower petals scattered down the aisle during ceremony.
 Picture taken during the ceremony from the nest.
 Up close shot of ceremony
 Bride and groom after ceremony
 Bride getting ready to go down aisle...
 Danielle flower girl and daughter of bride
 Collage on facebook taken by wedding coordinator Tammy Seibert
 Reception all decked out in white and purple
 Tables set for plated dinner
 Cake table and ice sculpture punch bowl!
 Cakes provided by Laura Conner (Aunt of bride)

 White covers and chair bows provided by Sweatheart Linens.

 HAPPY COUPLE!!!! Mandy (Sister of Bride) and husband Wes.
Mandy worked as a coordinator for Walnut Creek Chapel
 First course Potato soup and green salad.
 Spot for Tea" provided a sit down dinner
Menu: Cup of Potato Soup, Crisp Garden Salad, Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQ sauce and Brown Gravy, New Potato Casserole, Sweet Corn, Fresh Broccoli Salad and Croissants
with Butter. 405-720-2765
Blake Seibert buttlering out trays of food for plated dinner.

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