Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Honor Of Son's Week

Congratulations to Zack Lowder (left) and Blake Seibert (right) for medaling in their Cross Country Meet yesterday for North. Both Blake and Zack finished top 20 6A schools with Blake crossing the finish line #11 and Zack finished #12.

Blake pushing the last bit before the finish line.

Happy 16th Birthday Blake (9-8-11)

In honor of Son's Week my friend challenged me on facebook to acknowledge if you have a son who makes your life worth living by just being around him, and if you're proud of your son no matter your situation. Your son will hold your hand for only a little while but will hold your heart for a life time. I love all 3 of our boys. Blake, Benjamin and Brock this is for you.

Blake getting ready to bat.

Sophomore Panthers Fall Wooden Bat League

Blake leading off first base.

Benjamin got new golf clubs for his birthday from his Mimi and Papa.

Our family out celebrating Benjamin's birthday with my mom and dad.

Happy 14th Birthday Benjamin! (9-19-11)

We are so proud of you!

Ben wanted to go to Artic Edge ice skating for his birthday.

Brock jumping and getting some air.

Benjamin and Blake skating.

Family time and loving it.

Give a lift to the spirit of celebration by keeping a list of blessings in your life.

Go over the list each morning and remember that you have reason to celebrate every day!

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