Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch with my best friend on Sunday afternoon - one of my favorite things. I had the Crab Cakes Egg Benedict and she had a ham/cheese omlette. Delicious...with jazz music playing just loud enough that you can chat.

My best friend Cathy drove up from Ft. Worth on Sunday.
We had girl time...catched up on all things important and she helped me put everything into perspective and made things right with the world once again.

God guides us, despite our uncertainties and our vagueness, even through our failings and mistakes...He leads us step by step, from event to event. Only afterwards, as we look back over the way we have come and reconsider certain important moments in our lives in the light of all that has followed them...do we experience the feeling of having been led without knowing it, the feeling that God has mysteriously guided us. - Paul Tournier

How blessed we are when God helps guide us through the wisdom of best friends.

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