Friday, September 24, 2010

September Birthdays/Route 66

We celebrated Blake's 15th birthday with our church youth group on September 8th.
It was a surprise after church on Wednesday night.

We celebrated Benjamin's 13th birthday Sunday after church on September 19th.
I made a chocolate cake and bought these funny little hats all because when the boys were small all the pictures on their birthdays until age 5 (you guessed it...funny little hats).

Eric and Benjamin
Benjamin had always wanted to go to POPS on Route 66
so we decided to take a little Sunday drive.
Arcadia offers on Route 66 landmark that dates back nearly 30 years before the Mother Road was routed, and another attraction that's nearly brand-new. If you're headed westbound (like the songs says you should), you'll first come upon Arcadia's old treasure; the appropriately named Round Barn.

The Round Barn was built in 1898. The round design was chosen with hopes that it would successfully survive any possilbe tornado hit. The barn is 60 feet in diameter, and 45 feet tall.

We decided to go exploring because we also had a 30 minute wait at our next stop.

A place called Pops, its a combination gas station/diner. In keeping with the soda theme, the store has an entire glass walls lined with bottles. There are 500 different flavors to choose from and local "brew" brands you never knew existed.

Flavors you haven't tasted since you were a kid, and of course, Coke and Pepsi.
I was on the look out for Chocolate Soldiers...anyone remember those?

This place is pure fun for the boys because they could choose any flavor with their cheeseburgers and fries.

Brock and Benjamin drank blueberry.

Happy Birthday Benjamin

As the sun set...I took a picture of the soda bottle standing 66 feet tall. Do you think that has anything to do with Route 66? It's the world's largest soda bottle.

And a vintage red gotta love it...we got our kicks on Route 66.

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