Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam Bradford

Ok, so what does Sam Bradford being picked in the first round draft pick of NFL have to do with the sweet life?

Well, my two oldest boys are attending his alma matter Cooper Middle School. My oldest son Blake will be attending Putnum City North next year where Sam Bradford graduated from high school. We just found out that Blake made the freshman baseball team at North. We are very excited and when we walked into the school there is a shrine behind glass cabinets for Sam Bradford. They even named the street where you turn into the school after him.

So this is my little plug for the four men in my life and their love of sports....three of the top four picks were from OU. BOOMER SOONER! I never had so much sports yesterday between the draft and OKC Thunder in the playoffs.

Sure we had a teaparty for 12 girls at 4:00PM and an event last night for 50 women from Southgate Baptist Church. But priorities first the kitchen last night at the tearoom was blaring with the love of sports and Sam Bradford.

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