Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heart Story - W.W.A.D. by Jennifer Bader

Tea Server Extraordinare Ann Simonton
Heart Story and hand-made W.W.A.D. bracelet

Ann Simonton giving instructions at the Valentine's Dinner

Heart Story - W.W.A.D.
by Jennifer Bader
Since I've started working here at A Spot For Tea, I have made some great friends. We all laugh, cry and worry together. While talking with the other wait staff I realized we all think the same thing when we run into a problem. What would Ann do?
See, Ann is the lady who trains the wait staff. She is kind and funny. She has an Eagle Eye for detail. She is reliable and steadfast. She is always willing to give advice and puts us back in line in a second. We all love her very, very much and would do anything for her; even if she insists that she is old and grumpy. She inspired W.W.A.D! What would Ann do? So in honor of W.W.A.D., I decided to make the waitstaff, and whoever else wanted one, a bracelet with those initials.
"No person has ever been honored for what he received. Honor is our reward when we give."
- Calvin Coolidge

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