Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heart Story by Carolee Maxwell

Pink striped child's tea set with roses.

Wayne & Carolee Maxwell enjoying A Spot For Tea.

Not only do I experience that which I enjoy about a tearoom; the cuisine, the overall dining atmosphere but I have made a friend in Tammy Seibert. That in itself has blessed me so.

I am glad to share a special memory I had at her tearoom. One day as I was enjoying my lunch I noticed this young family of three; father, mother and daughter. Not too often do you see a young father taking his family to a tearoom, which is very sad to me. Nonetheless, they had such a loving spirit to one another.

Tammy has a little gift area that offers every item for a tea lover's need. She has several small tea sets for little girls. As I was starting to check out, I noticed this daughter asking her dad for a tea set. He told her maybe next time.

I asked her dad and mother if they would allow a stranger to buy this tea set for their daughter. They were hesitant but saw the joy in their daughter's face and gave me the opportunity to give. I do believe I enjoyed that experience more than the child.

Please never pass up the opportunity to give the gift of a tea set to a little girl. You may be a part of instilling the grace, etiquette and hospitality of tea serving; a somewhat lost art in our society. I must say, I am drawn to the sweet spirit that Tammy possesses.

Thank you Tammy for the giving of yourself to all.

Hebrews 13:6 "Do not forget or neglect to do kindness and good,
to be generous and distribute and contribute to
the needy...for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

Thank you Wayne and Carolee for knowing the of the fastest ways to
increase your own joy is to make someone else happy!
The world is filled with hurting people who need our encouragement and
you never know when you can be used by God to brighten
someone else's day and perhaps even change their life!

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