Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carroll's Mad Hatter

"Every age has a certain spirit or mood or climate to it. Ours is busyness. We're all running like lemmings from sunup to way past sundown. What's with all the energy drinks? There must be dozens now. Rocketfuel. CrankYouUP. Not to mention the coffeehouses on every corner. Why do we need all this caffeine? And why do so many of us now need sleep aids to rest at night? Our grandparents didn't. We thought the age of technology would make life simpler, easier. It has us by the throat. We need to operate at the speed of computers. We are running around like ants do when you kick in their hill, like rats on a wheel, like Carroll's Mad Hatter. "

Walking With God - John Eldredge

I want a different life than the one he is describing. Take a moment...take a deep breath....spend a quiet moment with a cup of tea and let it settle down your soul.

Isaiah 55:1 "Come, all you who are thirsty."

God offers us free nourishment that feeds our soul. How do we get it? We come, seek, and call on Him. We slow down long enough to drink in all that He is offering.

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