Friday, March 21, 2008

Take Yourself To Places Where You Feel Terrific

Have you thought about a tropical vacation this year? The next question is where do you go when you're not on vacation but you want to feel as if you are for an hour or an afternoon? We all have places that make us feel terrific and are our private getaway. Some are faraway, once-a-year or even life-time destinations. Others are just around the corner. Spending time there is a great idea for stress relief.

Do some writing in your journal about places you truly would like to visit...places you've never been and other places your heart would like to return. Then make a plan; visit a travel agency and dream...collect an armchair traveler.

In between those vacations, we hope that you will make A Spot For Tea one of those around the corner places you love to visit. It can be a Godsend. If you are spending your time and your life start making a decision to choose wisely who and what you spend those precious moments on. Spend as much of it as you can in those places that leave you refreshed and filled up. Don't waste another minute on people and places that drain you.

Psalm 71:3 "Be to me a rock of refuge in which to dwell, and a sheltering stronghold to which I continually RESORT, which you have appointed to save me, for you are my Rock and my Fortress."

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