Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Mama's Red Velvet Cake Recipe

My mom's original recipe with red food coloring stains from the many years of baking this cake for our family and friends.

She has been making this Red Velvet cake for me all my life and it is my favorite!
This is my third birthday 1966. This cake has a ballerina on it.
She also made the dress that I was wearing.
My mom is the one of the most creative souls that I know...she sings, plays the piano, sews, paints, cooks out of this world, bakes, and she does everything with love.

This year I requested her cake for my 48th birthday.
My mom and me - 2011 (45 years from the last picture).

Enjoy and make some traditions with your own family that they will treasure.

My mama is a National Treasure to me.

This is why the Red Velvet cake was served at the tearoom and is in the cookbook!

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