Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn in New York Part 2

To fully understand this story I have to take you back in time to the Summer of 1994. Eric and I took Eric's parents on a dream vacation to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Eric's heritage is that his mother's family still lives in Austria and we have relatives there.

Eric's maternal grandfather was born in this village of Fischamend, Austria.

Eric's maternal grandmother was born in the village of Stinatz, Austria.

This is us visiting family the day we went to Stinatz. We had flown into Switzerland and visited Insbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and now to the birthplace of Eric's grandmother.

I tell you all of this because we went to three different homes in one day and everyone was feeding us and giving us beverages. I told Eric it was the fullest day of my life. The Austrian way is to show love and hospitality through food. Eric's parents are sitting directly across from him.

Now to the present day....this is Aunt Cindy dressed up in Austrian wear. She kept calling herself the Gibly girl (is that correct?). This is one of Eric's moms keepsakes.

She was getting us all in the mood for what lay ahead.

This is an old fashioned German restaurant (Scharf's) in Buffalo, New York. When we started talking about where to celebrate Eric's 50th birthday I wanted to go some place non-conventional. No chain restaurants. I wanted our boys to experience some of the German tradition. This restaurant has been in this ethinic community and sits at the end of a street in a neighborhood. Very authentic.

Scharf's menu and we were celebrating Octoberfest also.

So all the family gathered together to help celebrate Eric's 50th birthday.

Lots of decision as to what to order....Weiner Schnitzel. Saur Kraut, Spetzle, German potato pancakes....yum!

Benjamin, Blake and Brock

Eric's nephew Michael and his girlfriend Courtney.

The gang...Happy Birthday Eric!

Celebrating with birthday cake and song later.

The boys helping blow out the candle with dad.

Tim and Cindy

Paul, Gretchen and Courtney

Eric and me

Eric opening presents

Go Bills....Go Sabres...thanks Paul and Gretchen.

Cindy did a card with Eric's baby picture on the cute!

Sarah and Susan

Erin (we love her - Matthew's fiance), Matthew, Eric (named after my Eric) and Tim

Courtney and Michael

Thank you everyone for helping me make it a very special occasion. Thank you mom and dad for treating us at Scharf's. The German food was perfect and delicious and it was great to have family time together.

More to come tomorrow.

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